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The Kings 

















2. JIGME WANGCHUCK (far right)

3.JIGME DORJE WANGCHUCK  2nd from left)

    He was the grandfather of the current king.

    The opening process of the country was initiated under him.

    He died very early in a hunting accident.

4.CHIGMI SINGYE WANGCHUCK his son, he is 1972, 

    only 17 years old, as the youngest monarch to succeed to the throne.

    He traveled the land for two years to fulfill all the wishes of his subjects

Explore    .

    The Druk Gyalpo - the dragon king, as he is called, reigned 34 years.

In 2008, he handed over the leadership of the country to his eldest son.

    Today he and his wife live in seclusion in Bhumtang, central Bhutan.

    "Gross national happiness" was his idea!

    For him, the well-being of the population was a major concern.

    Quality of life instead of greed for profit is the cultural model from the roof of the world 

    More satisfaction with less consumption


The 5th Dragon King TSCHIGMI KESAR NAMGEL WANGTSCHUK follows in his father's footsteps.

He continues the idea of GROSS NATIONAL LUCK.

In 2011 young Druk Gyalpo (in Punakha Dzong) married his great love JETSUM PEMA, a pilot's daughter.

A woman of the people!

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